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CarniClear Supersaturated Carnitine Liquid 8 oz
Price: $50.00
CarniClear™ Liquid is a supersaturated liquid carnitine. It is ideal when economical high-dose carnitine supplementation is desired for supporting fat metabolism, energy levels and endurance. Vitamin B5 has been added to enhance the function of carnitine in fat metabolism. This product is an excellent choice for people who consume little or no meat and is best taken on an empty stomach. Contraindicated in people with heart fibrillations. Learn More
Carnitine Synergy 120 veggie cap
Price: $57.00
Carnitine Synergy™ uniquely combines two forms of carnitine, L-Carnitine and its acetylated form, into one capsule in a 4:1 ratio. Learn More
Carnitine Tartrate 100 gm Pwdr
Price: $46.00
Pleasant tart-tasting powdered carnitine which mixes well with liquids. Highly recommended for those needing higher doses of carnitine. Learn More
Foresterol 600 mg 90 tablets
Price: $33.00
Foresterol™ contains Reducol®, a phytosterol mixture from the non-GMO tall oil of the coniferous pine tree. Reducol® has such significant LDL cholesterol-lowering properties that the FDA allows cholesterol-lowering claims for the plant sterols it contains.* Foresterol™ mainly consists of four major phytosterols: beta-sitosterol, campesterol (in the free sterol form, not as sterol esters) campestanol, and sitostanol. Learn More
Lipotrienols RYR 60 capsules
Price: $44.50
Lipotrienols RYR™ is a powerful combination of natural substances designed to provide nutritional support for cardiac and vascular health. This formula includes high delta-fraction tocotrienols, organic red yeast rice extract (Monascus purpurea), and lycopene with added lecithin for bioavailability.*

The red yeast rice in Lipotrienols RYR™ is USDA certified organic and grown in the US. We take great care to assay our red yeast rice to assure that there are undetectable levels of citrinin (< 1 ppm), as well as substantial levels of naturally-occurring monocolin compounds (4 mg per 2 capsule serving).

*Required California Lovastatin Notice
WARNING: Do not use if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast feeding, as using this product may cause birth defects. Learn More
Organic RYR
Price: $35.00
Red yeast rice is the product of yeast (Monascus purpureus) containing several compounds collectively known as monacolins, substances that have been shown by clinical studies to support healthy blood lipids.

The red yeast rice in Organic RYR™ is USDA certified organic and grown in the US. Designs for Health takes great care to assay our red yeast rice to assure that there are undetectable levels of citrinin, as well as substantial levels of naturally-occurring monacolin compounds, especially monacolin K.

Organic RYR™ may support the health of the arterial lining and help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Learn More
Policosanol + Gugulipid 60s
Price: $44.00
Policosanol+Gugulipid is a combination of the Indian plant extract guggulipid and policosanol which, along with a healthy diet and exercise, may help safely maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Learn More
RYR Synergy 120 capsules
Price: $46.00
RYR Synergy™, a natural support for keeping healthy lipid levels in the normal range, features the same USDA certified organic red yeast rice as found in our Organic RYR™, with added coenzyme Q10.

The CoQ10 in RYR Synergy™ is the same as that found in our Q-Avail™ VS Powder that uses the patented VESIsorb™ delivery system which has been shown to significantly increase absorption and bioavailability. Learn More

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